Proofing Galleries

Withing a few days of your shoot a proof gallery will be sent to you. It’s password protected, and hass all of the images that we created together, or, if you request it, a “best of” collection. All of the iamges have been adjusted for color, contrast, etc.

What we need back from you is your picks for final “retouching”, and any notes you might have regarding corrections. In retouch, we can do things as simple as eliminating a stray hair, a blemish, or a stray wrinkle in your coat. Generally, I find that in ‘flattening’ people to two dimensions, certain features get exaggerated and I generally give people a little “adjustment” that slims or softens. Most people find that my images are highly flattering! I feel that my clients deserve the same attention as any magazine cover I shoot. In a sentence: The camera adds 10 lbs – we can take of 20, you keep the change!

Once I have your selections and notes, I create your retouched images, and deliver them in 3-4 “variations”. I create a black and white version and 2-3 crops that include full frame, a mid crop, and a tighter headshot version.

This final gallery is also password protected and is download enabled. The images are sized to 12 inches longest side at 300 dpi (tabloid sized at print resolution) sRGB color space (unless otherwise requested). We can generally leave your gallery up for 90 days to make sure you are satisfied and have downloaded the images to your local computer.