Retouching - Or “Oh, The Smart Things I can Do For You…”

Under most circumstances, your retouch particulars go with me to the grave. Can I make people slimmer, taller, more perfect? Of course,…. every time. Because you get one chance to make a first impression – and often that one chance happens online. I don’t generally release ANY portraits without giving them a going over.

In fact, I’m usually planning your retouch in my head WHILE I’M PHOTOGRAPHING YOU. Why? Some things – fly aways, little things I would change about the fit of a garment, are SO much easier to address later. By working this way, I can keep your session lighter too – because who wants to be pinned and combed more often than necessary?

Having said that – here’s a retouch example shown by permission – of a recent corporate client. Cristina’s request was straightforward. She was 7 months pregnant - and wanted photos that celebrated her joyous state, but also needed photos that allowed her to show her post pregnancy self to the world for use at speaking engagements, for social media, etc. In other words, she needed it both ways – so that our time together was valuable longterm.

A few things to note. The background reduced to perfect white...   Hair, now perfect. Skin, teeth, eyes…. Notice the “comfy jacket” fits like a custom tailoring job. A little of the glow toned down on her face…. She will get years out of this photo…. And have it both ways too!

Have a look around my galleries. Notice everyone’s clothes look… perfect. Everyone’s hair…. It’s not by accident – it’s part of my process – and it’s included.